CPH Half runners topped donation to SMILfonden up to DKK 45,000
By Thor Schnetler
Saturday, 18. March

CPH Half runners raised the total donation to SMILfonden’s seriously and chronically ill children to 45,000 DKK.

On Sunday, 27,000 CPH Half runners kicked off a fundraiser for a really good cause.

When the runners returned their Aqua d’Or water bottle in the finish area, the deposit went directly and in full to help seriously and chronically ill children via the SMIL Foundation. SMILfonden is a charitable organization headed by founder and CEO Sisse Fisker, who works to support the SMIL children and their families.

On Sunday, Sisse Fisker herself ran the CPH Half together with her son Isak and his two soccer buddies to raise money for the SMIL Foundation.

CPH Half was the last running event in 2023 organized non-profit by Sparta Athletics & Running. In total, Sparta Atletik & Løb donated DKK 45,000 to the SMIL Foundation in 2023.



SMILfonden was founded in 2014 by former TV host Sisse Fisker, who is also an avid runner herself. On Sunday, she ran the CPH Half with her son Isak and his two soccer teammates to raise money and focus on the good cause.

When Sisse Fisker’s two boys were young, they themselves were hospitalized with a serious illness. While the boys were hospitalized, Sisse had the idea to start a charity that could help make life better for families struggling with chronic and serious illness.

“It’s so important that we pamper these children and their families who struggle daily with their illness. That we give them a break from the disease and that they meet other children, siblings and parents who are in the same situation as themselves, so they don’t feel alone and have more energy in their everyday lives,” – says Sisse Fisker.

At the Breakfast Run in Tivoli the day before the Copenhagen Marathon, there was also a run for the benefit of the SMIL Foundation. In total, Sparta Atletik & Løb has donated DKK 45,000 to the SMIL Foundation in 2023.


What does the SMIL Foundation work for?

  • SMILfonden creates valuable communities and increases the quality of life for families with seriously and chronically ill children across diagnoses.
  • SMILfonden gives children an important break from illness through social activities both inside and outside the hospitals, e.g. social activities at the hospitals and summer camps, networking trips and counseling.
  • SMILfonden cares for and gives energy and surplus to the families so that they can make it through a life where everyday life is characterized by illness.