Tips for a great run:
Have a plan
and have a blast.
What do the world’s best runners have in common? They follow a plan, and so should you

Whether you’re about to run your first half marathon or want to set a PR, it’s a good idea to train according to a plan. This way, you’re sure to get variety in your training to build speed, endurance, and strength, as well as boosting motivation and making it less tempting to skip a workout. And remember: The better prepared you are, the more fun the party will be.

Group training in Copenhagen

Training is more fun when we do it together. That’s why we organize free group training the last seven Sundays before CPH Half. We run from Østerbro Stadium in Copenhagen, and there are many different speed groups, so everyone can join in.

Local community training

Don’t live in Copenhagen or the surrounding area? Then you can join one of the many local training sessions in the rest of Denmark. The times vary from club to club, but what they all have in common is that they are looking forward to running with you on your journey towards CPH Half.

Get inspiration for your training

Motivation, structure, and development. There are many benefits to following a training plan. That’s why our elite coach Christian Friis has designed a 12-week plan you can download for free. You can also join the Nike Run Club and get lots of great training advice before you hit the starting line on September 15th.

Free training plan

Bring structure, variety, and motivation to your training with a free running plan from Sparta.

Nike Run Club

Join the Nike Run Club and get training plans and tips for a safe finish at CPH Half.

High5 Energy guide

Do you know how to fuel your energy before, during, and after a half marathon? If not, check it out here.